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    https://macpkg.icu/?id=960&s=eklablog&kw=NeoFinder+vers.7.3.3 NeoFinder vers.7.3.3

    Add ratings, keywords, descriptions, copyright information, location data, and a lot more to your photos and videos! NeoFinder uses the standard Adobe XMP format for this, and makes the data immediately available to the other tools in your workflow. More...
    * Create droplet applications which can automatically change file system attributes to items dropped on them, including the contents of folders.
    * In the Inspector, you can now Find Tags in Instagram by clicking on them
    * View and edit a wide range of file and folder information in the info window.
    Download File Size: 19.2 MB

    Mojave https://macpkg.icu/?id=960&kw=NeoFinder-ver.-7.6.3-bTD0.tar.gz {18163 kbytes}
    Best on 10.11.4 https://macpkg.icu/?id=960&kw=NeoFinder-7.1.3-X222.zip {19090 kbytes}
    Version 10.14.1 https://macpkg.icu/?id=960&kw=ver_7.3.7_neofinder_tmm4t.zip {20943 kbytes}

    "Find all media items in a folder" options are now also available in the View menu In terms of workflow, sluggish computers over the years have driven me down a multiple program approach. I've use Lightroom since version 1, and always found it slow. Which led me down the route of firstly PhotoMechanic for file ingestion, browsing etc, and then to what was iView media (now Media Pro) as a DAM. As my computers improved, Lightroom became a bit more useable, but was still uncomfortably slow compared to PhotoMechanic and Media Pro. * Find Duplicates can now find Duplicate Folders! * Move, delete, and copy files. Even copy invisible files and use options to skip copying files or copy them with modified names when an item already exists with that name. Also, you can have NeoFinder update the contents of the Database Folder for you automatically! You can control that feature in the Inspector for LIBRARY. If you turn on “Keep looking for changes”, NeoFinder will continuously check the whole Database Folder for any new or modified catalogs, folders, or other changes. myotisone wrote: Streamlined cataloger for large media collections Arcade

    (16309 KB) Software RGYM9 NEOFINDER V.7.5.3 7.2.1 Updated for Mojave
    (19275 KB) Software NEOFINDER VERSION 7.5.3 8KNE5 7.2.1 Updated version
    (17421 KB) afbx version 7.3.6 NeoFinder 7.1.3 OS X
    (16865 KB) Get NEOFINDER V.7.3.6 QEAJ 7.3 Version on MacBook
    (14827 KB) Get 7.1 NeoFinder qx9 7.6.3 Updated on 10.12.5
    (21684 KB) App NeoFinder v 7.5.3 jxG 7.1.3 Featured MacBook
    (17236 KB) Update 7.3.7 NeoFinder FKo 7.3.1 Updated Sierra

    Recomended Mojave ver.- {311564 kb}
    Updated on 10.12 v.15.5.4-MacVector-d8aA.app {165699 kb} 17.1.4
    Version MacBook Air y5vw3V_Memory_Pictures_ver_1.3.3.dmg {26730 kb} 1.3.1

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